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Interregnum at St.Mary's and St.Luke's

The way forward

At the PCC meeting held on Wednesday 16th January, it was accepted with reluctance that:

(1) We would not be allowed a replacement full-time priest

(2) The chances of appointing a suitable part-time priest were minimal – and, in any case, he/she could be discarded or swallowed up by re-organisation forced upon us in 1-2 years’ time

(3) Changes to the organisation of our rural parishes were inevitable and out of our hands

It was therefore decided not to re-advertise but, whilst embracing the inevitable change, we should endeavour to retain as much control as possible rather than be wholly dictated to. For this reason, new proposals were agreed in principle and will be discussed with the Archdeacon and others very shortly. We will set out the proposals in more detail once we have more certainty of the outcome.

In the meantime, we are greatly appreciative of the assistance given by Bill McDougall, and the offer of future support which we are certain to need as new proposals are discussed and, hopefully, put in place.


The first 4pm Family Service was held on Sunday 6th January and it proved to be very well-attended (30-40 children and 30-40 adults) with encouraging feedback from young and older. Sally Musson took the half-hour service which was a nice balance of traditional worship, reading and prayers by the children, well-known songs to the musical accompaniment of many and all shown on the new mobile screen. Afterwards, Susie Braid provided a variety of craft for the children assisted by Emily Streatfeild and there was tea and many star biscuits from the French and Streatfeild families. All children, parents and grandparents are most welcome at the next Family Service at St Luke`s on Sunday 3rd February.

With Bill McDougall on holiday for February, we welcome to the 10am services, Christopher Johnson, Heather Hughes and, for the first time, Paul Jenkins from the College of St Barnabas where Jean Lorimer is now living.

The Toddler’s Service will continue on the first Thursday of the month at 9.15am in the Parish Room


Any wedding matters should continue to be addressed to our wedding co-ordinator, Sue Coleman (870435).

Any pastoral matters should be addressed to the Pastoral Assistant, Carol Benton (870483).

Any Christenings or other matters relating to St Mary's or St Luke's should go to the relevant churchwardens please (contact numbers in our local directory).